Rabo Farm

Rabo Farm partners with farmers


Rabo Farm provides investment solutions

The agricultural productivity gap exists due to a shortage of capital to invest in growth and improvements. While farms generally do this with bank debt, there are situations where this is not sufficiently available or not the right banking product. Rabo Farm’s investment can be an additional solution for farmers to grow their business. Rabo Farm has an explicit preference for building long-term partnerships with local leaseholders.


Rabo Farms supports farmers in meeting their goals

Farmers can lease farms from us instead of making substantial investments in order to acquire a farm. Rabo Farm provides long-term access to farmland and cooperates in further developing its productivity and efficiency. Rabo Farm plays a role in supporting farmers in the following cases:


  • Farm deleveraging: when farmers are unable to generate sufficient equity from profits to attract more debt to grow their business.
  • Focus on agricultural production: when farmers do not intend to buy and own more land but prefer to use cash to operate and lease farms from us.
  • Sale and lease back: when farmers want to generate cash to invest in livestock, machinery, etc. or when they want to finance their own working capital so that they are in a better position to manage the volatility of the market.
  • Succession: when farmers hand over their farms to a successor who lacks the financial resources to buy from the current owners.
  • Upgrading: when farmers cannot afford the cost of upgrading their farms (e.g. drainage, soil improvements, farm base redevelopment).  


Our investment approach enables us to accelerate the process of raising farms to a higher environmental standard than is legally required.