Rabo Farm

Investing in a fertile future

Closing the agricultural production gap

Rabo Farm plays an active role in responding to the challenges facing global food security. With less access to scarce land, water and mineral resources, the agricultural sector will need to double agricultural production in the next 40 years.



Rabo Farm’s mission is to increase agricultural production by improving productivity and the efficiency of existing farms. Based on our principles of adding real value, creating alignment and facilitating sustainable growth, our aim is to invest in closing the agricultural production gap between inefficient and efficient farms. This will be done sustainably by using less farm inputs per hectare of agricultural land, while producing more.


Rabo Farm is an investment manager serving investors in farms and agricultural production. These investments enable us to facilitate farmers to grow their business. Rabo Farm aims to generate positive returns for numerous stakeholders, ranging from farmers and investors to local communities.


Our strategy

Rabo Farm initiates, structures and manages funds that invest in:


  • Farms: farms, farmland and farming infrastructure, including buildings, storage, drainage, irrigation and liming
  • Agricultural production: predominantly arable crops like grains and oilseeds


Rabo Farm funds have a long investment horizon of between 10 and 15 years. We are active investment managers who focus on improving the agricultural performance of our investments, enabling farmers to grow their business. We seek active alignment of interest between farmers, investors and local stakeholders in our focus area, Europe. Our strategic focus is on:


  • Increasing yields and farm income
  • Local social and economic development
  • Return driven by macroeconomic and farming results


Part of the Rabobank Group

Rabo Farm is part of Bouwfonds Investment  Management, the real asset manager of Rabobank Group. Rabobank Group is a Dutch financial services provider established in 1898 that operates on the basis of cooperative principles. In the Netherlands, Rabobank Group is a full-service market leader, while internationally Rabobank is a leading food and agribusiness bank. Moody's, Standard & Poor's, Fitch and DBRS have all awarded Rabobank a top rating for creditworthiness.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been at the heart of Rabobank. As a cooperative, Rabobank works closely with its customers and local communities on building a sustainable future. Rabobank supports clients by assessing environmental, social and economic opportunities and risks.