Rabo Farm

Rabo Farm contributes to Clean Thematic Investing Report

Rabo Farm was one of the contributors to the June 2014 Responsible Investor Insight report on Clean Thematic Investment.


There are signs, according Responsible Investor, that the time is right to take a renewed look at the fundamentals of clean or green investing, which are still very much in place and will likely define a generation of asset opportunities. ‘Clean’ investing is about getting a high, risk-adjusted financial return while seeking to minimise, reduce, and mitigate negative environmental impacts.


The Rabo Farm article ‘Investing in a fertile future’ explains the need of responding to the challenges facing global food security. Rabo Farm funds’ main investment strategy is to unlock the huge agricultural potential of European farms in a sustainable way by providing them with an injection of capital. Our current funds focus on Central and Eastern EU countries. Rabo Farm invests predominantly in farms and in improving these farms as well as in agricultural production. The investments also support the development of a vibrant local agricultural sector and of the communities in which our farms operates.