Rabo Farm

Rabo Farm seminar on food security

Rabo Farm held a seminar on food security on Tuesday May 27, 2014 at Restaurant Vroeg in Bunnik in the Netherlands. The seminar was well attended by institutional investors, asset managers and farmers.


Specialists from Rabobank’s Food & Agri Research (FAR) as well as Rabo Farm’s Agricultural Manager delivered presentations (click on the title to download the presentation) on the following topics:



The views expressed by the speakers accentuated the huge unused agricultural potential in Central and Eastern EU (CE EU), the region where Rabo Farm is active.


This region has great potential to become the future bread basket of Europe, said Vito Martielli. CE EU has an export surplus and is close to the net importing countries of the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Income payments will be redistributed according Harry Smit. There will be a further increase in new EU member states which will generate a better income for farmers in CE EU countries. It will support rural development in the areas where we have our farms.


James Little told the audience that ‘being close to the assets’ is how our portfolio management team sustainably improves the productivity of our farms.