Rabo Farm

Responsible Investing in farms and farmland

Rabo Farm is very proud to present its second Farmland Principles Report 2013 about its activities and its progress towards implementing and promoting the ‘Principles for responsible investing in farmland’ (Farmland Principles).


The Farmland Principles are an investor initiative and were designed to guide investors on how to invest in farmland in a responsible manner. The principles encompass the broad spectrum of factors that define responsible investing in farmland. The five Farmland Principles are:


  1. Promoting environmental sustainability
  2. Respecting labour and human rights
  3. Respecting existing land and resource rights
  4. Upholding high business and ethical standards
  5. Reporting on activities and progress towards implementing and promoting the Principles


Rabo Farm is a signatory of the Farmland Principles since 2012. With signing these principles Rabo Farm underlined that it is dedicated towards responsible investing in farms and farmland.


This publication explains how Rabo Farm applies the environmental, social and governance principles in our investment management process. We also describe our activities in 2013, the efforts that were made to improve our farms sustainably, which challenges we came across and how we promoted responsible investment in farmland to the investment community. 


Rabo Farm is convinced that by reporting on its activities and the successes but also the challenges that it comes across, we contribute to developing best practices for investing in this relatively new asset class.


For more information or questions related to this publication please contact Rabo Farm at +31-(0)20-206 6760 or info@rabofarm.com.